Sly eyes and the top half of his face is painted green


Derrel was just another kobold in service to his god, a green dragon, when his group ran into a party of adventurers. Surprisingly the group was willing to talk and when it became clear they were hunting the servants of the red a truce was struck. The group left the land of the Greenmask Tribe with a kobold at the lead and that kobold was Derrel.

He led the party to the ruins where the servants of the red were lurking and survived several encounters along the way. The party released Derrel and he returned a hero to his tribe. Derrel now has worked his way up the ranks and while not the chieftain is a leader of a cohort of Kobolds.

Recently the city of Padova has contacted them and Derrel journeyed to Padova with an honor guard to listen to what the city wants.


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