Tag: wizard


  • Pentelex

    Once an adventurer, Pentelex was forced out of his group when they discovered he was delving into forbidden magics. He settled not long ago in Padova and joined the the Adept's Guild. Within the last few months he apparently raised Mialee, Zilestren, …

  • Kelemnias

    Kelemnias is a high ranking member of the Adept's Guild. He is also a liason for the party and has had several dealings with them as well as giving them mission assignments. He is one of the few members that controls portal access. He is also a specialist …

  • Jerin

    A young up and comer at the Adept's Guild. He recently came in contact with the group as the aide who was sent to break down the magical wards around Pentelexe's crypt.

  • Gheras

    Gheras was the apprentice of Pentelex. As weeks passed he began more and more disenchanted with his new master for the tasks he was forced to do. He let one of his associates know what was going on which led to Pentelex fleeing the city. Before he did …