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Welcome to the War of the Scales

Not long ago several heroes from a previous age were brought back to life. Apparently the ritual failed in its purpose as they found themselves to be not the powerful protagonists that they could recall. Many skills and powers had been forgotten since they last walked the land. Why are they here? What purpose did the spellcaster have who returned them to life?

While some of these have sought peace in this new age and some have fallen in battle. Two warriors of old still search for the reason they are here. At their side travel good and sturdy companions who have fought with them through thick and thin.

Not long ago they foiled some group of Kobolds, Goblins and Hobgoblins that had fortified old watchtowers and were making raids on nearby settlements. The party found messages that hinted at some mastermind behind the recent attacks. The problem was they had unleashed some powerful undead warrior in the crypt below the last watchtower. Not sure which villain to pursue the group thought to resupply at the port city to the south. But there they only found more trouble.

Now back on the mainland with more clues in their grasp the group even now seeks answers all the while from a distant mountain a malevolent gaze watches the countryside. And something far closer seeks to use the party for its own ends. Who can they trust? What road should they take?

It was not long before this question was answered for them. The local Adept’s Guild offered a job to clear out the possibly dangerous estate of a necromancer that had recently fled town. A portent from the Raven Queen sped the party along and once the undead below the home had been destroyed, the group found clues about the wizard who had lived there. In a startling revelation Zilestren Songweaver realized that this same wizard, named Pentelex, was the one that had brought her and her allies back to life. Hungry for answers they decided to pursue the dastardly wizard back to his home town, a destination they deciphered from the clues left behind. The raven leading the way was also a very good sign they were headed the correct way.

But before they could leave town the heroes found themselves embroiled in conflicts. A man ran up to them on the street begging for help and soon after several bounty hunters appeared demanding they turn over the man. The party attempted to question the hunters to see if their claim was valid but after a short exchange it was obvious the attackers cared not for talk. With the bounty hunters driven off the man thanked them and fled again. If this was not enough, after they had resupplied the heroes headed towards the gate out, their were attacked by another group. This time the target was Arjhan, a member of the party, and the Bugbear leading the assault appeared to be out for blood. Arjhan quickly fell under the Bugbear’s attack but the rest of the heroes rallied around their ally and drove the attackers off.

Finally out of the city with a raven flying west ahead of them, the group made their way across the countryside towards Pentelex. Towards whatever knowledge he might have. Some to thwart the necromancer but one who cared only to find out why she had been brought back.

Home Page

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